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Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever felt out of place before? Or felt totally undeserving of something that really belonged to you? Have you ever felt so insecure about occupying a position, you feel like you're cheating those around you? These kinds of…

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The relationship between an anchor and its representative brings another one to mind and that’s the one between the vine and the branches. As John 15:5 states, Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Now, let’s consider a…

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Hope Redefined


Hope - I believe this is one of the most commonly used yet most misunderstood words today. It's something we use everyday, all the time "I hope she passes" "I hope he attends" blah blah but what does the word…

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The cure

One could begin with the relationship co-existing between a mother and her helpless little baby, or the entanglement that happens between two lovers too hard to separate, I could have just began with the poor lad hanging by the corner,…

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