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Managing Your Emotions By Joyce Meyer

Managing Your Emotions by Joyce Meyer

Our emotions play a vital role in living happy, healthy, successful lives. All emotions, from love and joy, to anger and fear, have an important part to play in understanding ourselves and others. They help us discover the wonders of this life as well as warn us when we are in danger. But this diversity of feelings is meant to complement our live, not determine it!

In this life-transforming book, Joyce Meyer reveals powerful truths from God’s Word that will help you learn to manage all of your emotions in the right direction. Through hilarious illustrations and real-life applications, Joyce delivers the keys to keeping your emotions in the proper place while allowing the Spirit of God to lead and direct you.

Dynamic scriptural insights are included on topics such as:
– How not to be led by feelings
– Co-dependency
– Forgiveness
– Mood swings
– Healing for damages emotions
– Depression
– And much more!

Don’t allow your feelings to determine your destiny! Instead, “manage your emotions” to complement and enhance your attitude for a joyful, victorious life!

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