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He Loves Me So

He Loves Me So

His heart beats for me He loves me so Like the lioness fights for her cub He loves me so Like the Shepherd runs for his sheep He loves me so Like a mother loves her still suckling child He loves me so Sometimes the world becomes daunting The darkness spreading all around The intensity choking me But then I remember The unchanging love He loves me so Even when I’m not at my best When I want to run and hide from my shame I hear the tender whisper Because he loved me first His love never dwindles He loves me so When I don’t have the strength to love myself When the universe is crashing on my shoulders I feel the rumbling seas And I can’t help but be submerged In his unfailing love He loves me so I will not fear I will not shake For he loves me so And in all this I’m convinced I’m not lucky but loved  
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