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Is It Okay To Be Vulnerable?

What is the first word that pops in your mind at the sound of Vulnerability?

That word often sounds like ‘weakness.’

I am one of the many humans on the surface of this earth who is frightened at the mere thought of being vulnerable because vulnerability is stepping out of comfort, it is coming out without defence, susceptible to attack, open in harm’s way, without guarantee of anything that you might want in return. Coupled with being raised in a part of the world that applauds being tough and self-sufficient, vulnerability is perceived as making a fool of yourself.

Why would I want to make a fool of myself?

In every possible way(denial, pretence) a large number of people will avoid being vulnerable, avoid risks that majorly pertains to their heart, relationship, emotions for the fear of being judged and hurt.

I asked some of my friends to tell what vulnerability meant to them and each one of them reported according to their understanding and experience;

Vulnerability is having a weaker resolve or defence than you normally would have.


Vulnerability is a stage of helplessness.


Vulnerability is the understanding that you’re an open wound, prone to infections and affections, easy to hurt. But it is also knowing that, like all wounds, the more you heal, the more you’re hardened like a scab, and the more resistant you become.It is being aware of your weaknesses, yet at the same time, choosing to see them as what makes you stronger.


Vulnerability is accepting that you are human and you are not flawless.. It means asking for help when need means choosing to be blind.


Apparently, we are limited in our knowing of all that there is to vulnerability because vulnerability is the willingness to be yourself, to see yourself and to let yourself be seen. It is being honest about your fears and needs. And contrary to popular myth, vulnerability is not weakness in itself, it takes courage to take a risk, it takes courage to acknowledge and admit your flaws, it takes courage to go ahead with something that you are not 100% certain of the outcome and since this is the description of vulnerability, it certainly takes courage to be vulnerable.

In her book, daring greatly, Brene Brown defined vulnerability as the birth place of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.

What most of us are so scared of actually is the birthplace of greatness.

Is it okay to be vulnerable?

What do you think now?

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  1. I think it is okay to be vulnerable but with the right people, people who will not capitalize on your weakness at that time but will listen, will hold your hands, cover you, will not despise your honesty. For the fear of getting hurt, most of us hold back and store up venom of fears, needs and a whole lot of things that eventually escalate to internal destruction but this is what vulnerability does, it helps you to be admit your needs. Simply put, it is signal for ‘help’ and really, we all do need help.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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