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How To Be A Better Student

How to be a Better Student

Post Series: A Better Me

It all starts in the mind

Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, never forget this one thing – it all starts in the mind.

Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, never forget this one thing - it all starts in the mind. Click To Tweet

In order to be a better student, the first step is convincing your mind that you can be a better student, having the right mindset cannot be overemphasized. If before you start a course, you’ve filled your mind with the one thousand and one negative reports of how difficult the course is, how much people have failed and so on, you most likely wouldn’t meet anything different. If you start it with the wrong mindset then it’ll be really difficult to succeed at it.

Becoming a better student starts with convincing your mind that you CAN do it, regardless of the nature of the course, the lecturer, regardless of any and all distractions.

One of our biggest gifts as humans and what makes us stand out from animals is the complexity of our brain! It is wired for so much and one just needs to convince the mind of that.

Know that your academics does not define you

This is a common trap a lot of students fall into, myself included. The trap of finding your identity in your academics, in your grades, your certifications and all the awards or lack thereof. This is a big no-no, regardless of how good you are or how bad, in order to become better, it is important to know that your grades do not define you. You are worth so much more.

Yes, your academics are important and play a huge part in your life. But never forget that it is one part and not everything.

Do not place your self worth in it as this could lead to unhealthy self esteems, high or low, depending on how well you think you’re performing. Knowing your self-worth would also help avoid unnecessary comparisons.

Set SMART goals

Don’t just say you want to achieve all A’s this semester without actually making a game plan on how to make it happen. A list of goals without an actual plan is merely a wish list. Have a strategy of what you want to do differently each school session, reevaluate the last and see what worked for you and what didn’t. If you want to be a better student then you have to be willing to put in the work. No one gets anywhere by merely talking about it, intentional steps have to be taken.

So even as you set out to be a better student. Remember; Yes, you can do it! No, it doesn’t define you! And always, you will put in the work. Now go and be better! We’re cheering you on!

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