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To see a world without depression and suicide, where every teenager has access to quality education and young adults grow to become the best of themselves.


We believe that for any young person to become the best version of themselves, they need to find God, find purpose, and find their identity. We are reconnecting young people to God, purpose and their true identities.


Through our messages and projects, we want to restore hope to young people throughout Africa.


We want to help teenagers and young adults see a message in their messes, see the beauty in their ruins, and get them back to becoming the best version of themselves.


We believe that there is good in everyone, no matter how bad. Our job, therefore, is to help teenagers and young adults see the best in themselves and show the world as well.

We Are Passionate About Young People

DeAltar is a nonprofit educational and inspirational organization concerned with young people. We provide guidance to ailing and broken lives, offering support with the primary purpose of building and equipping teenagers and young adults, and then sending them forth to do same for others around them.

DeAltar is committed to the Truth, that hope and identity is found only in Jesus and we work and encourage a profound personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. Our core programs such as; The Builder’s conference, The Remnants, Build the foundation campaign, Young and Free, are designed to provide support, guidance and development in character and capacity.

DeAltar serves to help teenagers and young adults achieve personal growth so that they can lead productive lives and influence others around them.

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