I must confess, it was very hard placing where DeAltar falls under. Whether it was an organization, a ministry or just a personal blog, I was not really sure of how to place it. One thing I was sure of though was that it was never going to be about one person. So it became a cause to create a community for a cause; a more fitting description of what DeAltar is all about. It is about creating a community for the purpose of creating a positive impact in the global sphere.

The Name DeAltar

It actually started as The Altar but it so happened that the name was not available online at the time, DeAltar was available and stuck and it never deviated from its true meaning.

DeAltar was founded based on an encounter the nation of Israel experienced thousands of years ago. Many years ago, Israel experienced a really terrible famine. This famine was so bad, the people resolved to eating themselves just to survive.

At the peak of this terrible time, a Prophet called Elijah challenged the people on the real reason they were experiencing such hard times. This resulted into a face-off between Prophet Elijah and 450 rival prophets. They were all prophets quite alright but this was where the similarities ended. They served two different masters.

This Battle of Prophets was a defining moment for this great nation. The people were waiting and watching anxiously, willing and ready to follow the winner of this battle. It was a battle of whose master is greater.

The rival prophets in their numbers cried day and night to their master but got no answer. it got so bad, they started cutting themselves, how desperate must they have been? Frustration would be an understatement for such an experience.

It became Prophet Elijah‘s turn, the lone ranger with a really big and strong heart. He may have been alone physically at this point, however, he knew exactly what he had to do to turn the tides to his favor. At this point he did something pretty remarkable; he rebuilt The Altar of God which had previously been destroyed.

Meditating on this singular act made me realize the significance of what he did and why he had to do what he did.

  1. The Altar was a representation of a connection between the people and their true Master
  2. The Altar was also a representation of their foundation
  3. The Altar was a reflection of the state of their lives and their state of hope
  4. The Altar was a reflection of the state of their land

As soon as this Altar was rebuilt, everything changed. The lost connection was restored, their broken foundation was rebuilt, their shattered lives and lost hope were restored and their land became prosperous again.

Amazing isn’t it?

Our Mission

Our mission therefore is;

  • Reconnect people to their true Lord and Master, God through Jesus Christ
  • Rebuild broken lives
  • Restore hope
  • Reveal hidden potentials

Our Focus:

The young guys and ladies are our focus. We believe that these set of people are the building blocks of generations to come and they need to start getting it right even from now.

Our Activities:

DeAltar started as a blog but has become much bigger than that.
Our aim is to go into the various academic institutions to raise leaders that will be fit and ready to lead whenever called upon.
We also offer mentorship to young people who want to grow and be the best they can be but need help. In the future, we believe that as this community grows, we have great minds from various spheres of life willing to mentor young people in their chosen fields of specialization.

On a final note, this is a Faith based cause where God is the Author and Purpose is the Theme.

In a bid to improve and work on our flaws, we will like you to take a minute to fill our feedback form. Let us know what has impressed you so far and what you would like us to improve on. Please click here.

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You Are Never Alone