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The relationship between an anchor and its representative brings another one to mind and that’s the one between the vine and the branches.

As John 15:5 states, Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Now, let’s consider a typical tree, the branches grow and extend further than the vine but is still very much connected and often, the first thing noticed of a tree are its bright green, healthy branches, they are literally representatives of the tree just like anchor representatives are ambassadors of the anchor himself.

We as branches connected to the vine are secured and protected from whatever storms or winds may come our way and as branches, we attract others to the tree, to the vine, carrying out the ministry of reconciliation which God has called us unto.

Another thing to note from a typical tree; if the branches are shaken right, ripe fruits from it drop, that is, an orange tree would give oranges just as it should and a mango tree, mangoes just as it should. Likewise, as branches connected to the ultimate vine, our fruit produced should be consistent with what the vine is, love, joy, peace and so on.

Whenever things are not going so great, remember you are a branch built to stay secured in the vine, never moved, a branch built to give good fruits no matter what, a branch, proudly displayed representing the vine, a branch that is never alone but even strengthened by other surrounding branches.

Author: Damilola

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