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No Sex Until Marriage Blog
June 20, 2018

My Confession: No Sex Until Marriage (No-SUM)

For the longest of times, I've been an hypocrite, saying one thing and practicing the other, never really standing for what I know and believe to be right. Sexual purity,…
Let Me Be Your Eyes Blog
June 15, 2018

Let Me Be Your Eyes

"Let me be your eyes" ~ Jesus You have tried and failed more times than you can count.... Let me be your eyes. When you get to that point of…
Sexual Purity Blog
June 14, 2018

Sexual Purity By Shiloh

When we hear the term "sexual purity," what comes to mind is the abstinence from sex. We fail to realize that sexual purity is much more than just abstaining from…
The difference - me - DeAltar Blog
May 23, 2018

The Difference – Me

Who would save the people? Who will blot out the stain on our honour? Who would stand to war? Who would bring the people peace? Who would rise from the…
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The Penny by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford - DeAltar

The Penny By Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford

Jenny Blake has a theory about life: big decisions often don't amount to much, but little decisions sometimes transform everything ...
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