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She is different - DeAltar Blog
May 17, 2018

She is Different

The room was crowded just as it always was, chatter coming from each direction, in the midst of this she sat, trying to focus on what was coming, preparing her…
Bible Study - David Bible StudyBlog
May 17, 2018

Bible Character Study – David

Hey guys, welcome to the first part of our study series on David! I do hope hope you are as excited as we are about studying this great patriarch. Our…
May 16, 2018


When we hear the word RESTORATION, what comes to mind is recovery. Recovery of things lost. This is correct, but where we make the mistake is in waiting for God…
Be who God has called you to be - DeAltar Blog
May 16, 2018

Be Who God Has Called You To Be

“God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” Fear is one of the major things that keeps us…
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DeAltar has helped me in seeing life from a whole new perspective and it has helped me in being the best version of me.