We are The Rebuilders.

We believe in Hope.

We believe that regardless of what the present is, there is hope for a brighter future and we would like to help you see that.

You are not too broken to be fixed.

Learn more about DeAltar
Learn more about DeAltar

We inspire Hope in young people

We are called The Rebuilders.
We help in rebuilding broken lives, helping young people find their feet even when they have given up on themselves.
We believe that no mess is too great to create a message from.

We create platforms to reveal and promote hidden potentials.

Our Projects

The Builders Conference
The Remnants
Build The Foundation Campaign

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Inspiring Articles

November 14, 2018

World Diabetes Day 2018: Food Cure For Diabetes

As the world celebrates World Diabetes Day, we would like to sensitize you on preventing diabetes. Even though diabetes seems to occur as we grow older, it's origin can still…
Nation Builders ArticlesBlog
November 14, 2018

Nation Builders

Let us first of all define two important words in this topic; Nation: A large group of people sharing the same culture, language or history and inhabiting a particular state…
November 9, 2018

Live Full; Die Empty

The graveyard is the richest place on the surface of the earth because there you will see the books that were not published, ideas that were not harnessed, songs that…
Call to love ArticlesBlog
November 7, 2018

Call To Love

David O. Mears remind us: "It's not always convenient to be good. The Bible encourages us: "Do not be weary while doing good...." Everyone has a story irrespective of the…
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It's been really great being a part of DeAltar. The themes and topics we discuss each month have been very helpful and enlightening and I really love the sense of belonging and being able to help others in my own little way.

Converse House

DeAltar has helped me in seeing life from a whole new perspective and it has helped me in being the best version of me.