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Misunderstood: Failing To Understand Correctly

Misunderstood: Failing To Understand Correctly

When I saw that the theme for the month of September is misunderstood, I was wondering how on earth I’m supposed to write on this.

I still don’t know the direction this is going to take, but I’l just go on. Looking up the word in the dictionary, it means to misunderstand. So I went ahead to check what misunderstand means.

Misunderstand: To fail to understand correctly.

So the issue is not that we are unable to understand people’s behavior, we just choose or make the mistake of understanding them wrongly.

There are thousands of people we come in contact with on a daily basis, each with a unique personality and background which ultimately affects how they react to situations. We shouldn’t be quick to jump to conclusions about decisions they make, or traits they exhibit without a correct understanding of what’s going on with them.

There were times in our lives we had to make rash decisions. We felt like no one understood us. It didn’t matter how hard we tried to explain, they still did not get it.

Now we know better. We have found a friend in Jesus who understands all we go through. So the next time you notice someone who’s doing something “off” let’s understand correctly.

Remember the let me be your eyes article? Well we should also ask and allow God to become our eyes of understanding to the millions who are misunderstood.

The choice to understand wrongly or correctly is ours to make. #ChooseWisely

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