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Misunderstood: The Effects

Misunderstood: The Effects

In my previous article, we realized that understanding someone wrongly is a choice we make.

Today, I got inspired to write on the effects our actions (misunderstanding) on people.

We might think that when we deliberately or mistakenly misunderstand someone, all is well. We feel nonchalant about it because we have no idea just how much the victim of our misunderstanding is affected.

Ever wondered why the rate of depression is on the rise? Being misunderstood is definitely a factor.

Talking to someone or a group of people about issues you face is really helpful. But when these people fail to understand you, then there is a problem. Do you know what follows misunderstanding? Condemnation.

YES!!! When we fail to understand people CORRECTLY, the next step is to condemn their actions.

A condemned person would decide to live with whatever issues he/ she has than open up to anyone ever again. This decision is a perfect breeding space for depression.

So misunderstanding brings about condemnation which in turn leads to depression.

Depression can lead to a whole lot of addictions like masturbation, drugs, porn and the likes. Like a bush set ablaze in the harmatan, the flames spread quickly. Hardening the heart of its victim until self hatred fills their heart and they just can’t see reasons why they need to live. Then suicide becomes the best option.

The annoying thing is even in death, the condemnation continues. You hear people say things like “if only she didn’t do drugs, or if only he wasn’t a reckless drunk”. Nobody ever takes responsibility for the failure to understand them correctly.

When next we find ourselves on the verge of understanding someone wrongly, lets remember the effects our actions would have on them.

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