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The Priceless Gift

What is the best gift you have ever received? Recently, a friend celebrated his birthday and his "bae" had to say something about him. Well, she was shy at first but then, she started and I was amazed at some of the…

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A Long Way From Here | DeAltar

A Long Way From Here By Victoria

Living up to that idyllic dream, there's too much to do. Rough roads, stressed paths, confusing and frustrating by-the-ways. With each step, the pent up drive fades. Wondering when your heyday will come, "one more illusion" you think Almost outta…

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Love Like No Other | DeAltar

Love Like No Other

I have often wondered - and still wonder - why despite my failings, there is always a way back up. I wonder why, regardless of how far I go (astray), there is still someone after me. Whose eyes are stayed…

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