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Becoming A Better Woman

Becoming a Better Woman

Post Series: A Better Me

Like many young ladies, my wish and prayer request as regards marriage has always been for God to give me the perfect man for a husband, the one deserving of me, Mr right we call it. For a long time, I never wavered in that request, not until three years ago when I attended a singles conference and my pastor gave me a mindset change. She said;

Many of you keep praying to God for the right man but look at it from his point of view for a moment. If you were God and you had this special young man, would you just give him out to any woman, a woman who couldn’t help him achieve his purpose or a woman who could mar him? would you not keep your special son for the very best woman you could find? Our mothers and families do exactly the same so why do you expect God to do otherwise? I think the question should be beyond “is he the right man for me?” and include “am I the right woman?” and the prayer should be “God make me the right woman for that perfect man you have for me.

That was it, that was all I needed to hear and my nerves were on fire, all my body cells came alive. It was obvious to me that I had my work cut out for me, her words have stayed with me till this day and they have helped shapen some of my actions and decisions going forward.

It dawned on me how important it is for me as a woman to become the very best version of myself. I realized that God has a template for me, one I have to continually align myself with because it is in being that woman and no one else will I find purpose, fulfilment, joy and of course Mr right. Beyond slothfulness and selfishness, It will be the height of hypocrisy to stay stagnant and unimproved but still expect so much perfection and rightness from another, I love how Jesus said it “Be ye holy, for I am holy”. He is not asking for something he had not already tried out and achieved. He had walked the path and so can ask the same of us, no hypocrisy.

Becoming a better woman is a continuous life long journey that requires a multidimensional approach all targeted at being a better version of yourself holistically.

Becoming a better woman is a continuous life long journey that requires a multidimensional approach all targeted at being a better version of yourself holistically. Share on X

In essence, to become a better woman you need to become better in all of life’s dimensions; career/occupation, finance, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social et cetera. Sit back and picture your ideal woman, what she’d look like, feel like, speak like, act like, how she will react to certain things, her carriage and what have you, draw up an image of that woman and then you need to put in conscious effort into doing the work needed to move you from where you are currently to where you need to be to become that gold version of yourself.

Read books, attend trainings and seminars, get very interested and involved in your life, interact and mingle with the right kind of people, be the best in your field (profession/business), take Gods’ word concerning you to heart, keep healthy relationships and be yourself in the best way possible.

The key is to stay determined, motivated and work hard, the journey of self-development is not always an easy one but it is rewarding, refreshing and ultimately fulfilling. The question is “Remain a mediocre woman or become that superwoman”, oh! let’s not ponder too much on this, I believe there is only one right answer.

To you, my superwoman.


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