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The Cure

The cure

One could begin with the relationship co-existing between a mother and her helpless little baby, or the entanglement that happens between two lovers too hard to separate, I could have just began with the poor lad hanging by the corner, hoping to find someone to show him some compassion. But instead, I think I should just start by talking about the angel called ‘love’.
To some, they believe she is a feeling of affection which Springs forth towards another and then you say ‘I love you’; to some, they think it has a specie, where a volume is allocated to one person than the other. And to another person, love is an extraordinary being whose abode is ‘the heart’, and in her, compassion flows endlessly like water which has paved it’s way flowing down amidst the rocks, and her whispers would sound as pleasant as a minute silence in the market place, and her charming words that could resuscitate the dead back to life, the lost to be found, the wanderer to find a purpose and way to his course. Love; the only language the deaf hears and the blind see, the one who only speaks words to motivate people to go out of their way to help the physical, the mental, or the emotional pain of another, regardless of theirs.
Nevertheless, there is an airborne virus fast spreading all about, moving in kilometers per seconds, just in a twinkle of an eye, there it is!
The cure? Doctors never know, opticians never found, scientists haven’t discovered.
These viruses? we talk of hatred, pain, hopelessness, selfishness, and the likes. And this virus has turned most into heart breaking zombies waiting to prey on the flesh of others, and some, into shattered pieces of glasses, broken without having a hope of repair.
The good news? love.
Not just a feeling nor a word to express your affections to a fellow, but a cure. The cure!
The only cure to put an end to this apocalypse..
Love is God; God; the cure.
Remember, you are never alone.

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