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Letter to a Dear Friend.

Dear girlfriend,
I am writing to you. Yes you sweetheart, you reading this. No I don’t know your name, but Jesus does and He has sent me to you.
You have followed all articles for the month of June talking about sexual purity. You have become better, you have changed your ways, you have truly accepted Christ and now you are born again. Life has never been better. With you been sexually pure, your happiness has known no bound. But… Yes there is a but honey. You are pregnant. You found out just recently. Your world is spinning, its like everything is shattering, you have lost control. You don’t know what to do either. The worst part is you are considering abortion. Oh please don’t do it. Please keep this baby. This child has every right to live. Killing this child wouldn’t make you “unpregnant” dear it would only make you the parent of a dead child.
Talk to God in this season and please reach out to us. Please get in touch with us. I ask that God gives you the courage to do so. We love you a lot darling and we want to help. Always remember that you are never alone dear.

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