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I Choose Love Over Me

I Choose Love Over Me

I Choose Love Over Me

Wow!!! It’s been an awesome time sharing on the topic I Choose Love. As much as you have learned, we also have been learning something new with each part of the series. With each passing part, we have learned to choose Love over lust, over unforgiveness, over anger and over hate. As a matter of fact, we have learned that Love is the most important thing on earth, the best solution to a lot of problems plaguing the world right now.

We will be sharing the last part of this series; I Choose Love Over Me! Weird right? Why would I choose anything over me? Am I not the most important person in my life? So why would anything come before me? These are some of the very logical questions we would ask ourselves basically because of our naturally selfish nature. We are usually wired to believe that everything comes only after us. This might be logical but should not be the reality.

The highest form of expression of love which is replicated in our previous parts is when you choose love over youLove in this case does not necessarily mean people (It is very important to understand this). You know it is possible to have someone say that “if you truly love me, have sex with me”. Is this a true expression of love? You may have your own opinions about this but would you accept to kill that same person if he or she requested it as a proof of your love? Hmmmm…  Deep thought…

So why would you have sex with someone to prove your love but will not give a thought to killing that same person to prove this same love? So choosing love may not actually mean choosing someone else over you. It may be choosing reason, choosing the greater good, choosing something that might not be seen now (remember we said earlier that Love makes us see more than the normal eyes can see).

Choosing Love over lust implies that Love comes before your desires; what your body wants at that moment; choosing love over unforgiveness implies that you would rather love than satisfy your craving to pay him or her back in her own coin or punish the person in anyway possible; choosing love over anger and hate also implies that love comes before your feelings and personal disposition towards someone or something.

In all these we see that first of all, Love is not what you feel; it is what you express regardless of what you feel. Hmmm!!! You know it is kinda funny how we have restricted Love to just our emotions, passion and feelings; meaning that when we do not feel it, we allow whatever we feel at that moment take over. So it really is beyond your emotional disposition and more about the expression of genuine and true care.

Secondly, Love is really not about you. One of the most powerful descriptions of Love is found in John 3:16;

“This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.” (MSG). Wow!!! Amazing… It really was not about how much it would cost Him, it was all about Love.

I have been trying to find the best definition for Love but nothing seems to do just that (lol). This I am sure of however; Love is expressed, it is given, it is not about you or anyone else as a matter of fact; it is all about the best way to live beyond the physical senses.

I Choose Love

I Choose Love over Lust

I Choose Love over Unforgiveness

I Choose Love over Anger

I Choose Love over Hate

I Choose Love over Me

I Choose Love over Everything.

Do I hear “this is so impossible”? Lol… Well, it’s pretty simple and I think I got it now. Love is God!

You don’t have God, you don’t have Love; you don’t have Love, you don’t have God. And for you to have God, you need to receive His expression of Love which is Jesus. Jesus was God’s way of saying I Love You… There was just no other way man would understand what God was saying without Jesus. Accepting Jesus means accepting God’s Love, accepting His Love means accepting and having Him which ultimately results in Him expressing Himself and His Love through you.

God Loves You!!!

Thank you so much for being a part of this series. I believe you have been blessed as much as we have been. We would love to hear your feedback; questions, additions and so on relating to this topic as well as how much it has blessed you. This means a lot to us. You can either use the comment box below or send a mail to us at

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