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I Choose Love Over Anger

I Choose Love Over Anger

I Choose Love Over Anger.

A volatile, loathing controller, Anger!

A momentary madness that stirs up the beast inside, if you’ve got any though.

It’s more like it gives the face of a beast and causes a downpour of accumulated wrath. Scary!!

Anger comes bursting, instigated by our conscious effort of piling and keeping records of wrong. Just one more word from that person, “boom!” We explode; sort of like a ticking bomb just waiting for its time to express itself.

The horrible transformation that occurs at the invasion. Tongues become loose, speaking whatever at the time, caring less at the effects of using such a sharp and dangerous weapon so recklessly. Hands could get careless then, ripping and destroying things that are cherished. Until harm has been done and so much pain inflicted on all parties involves, anger clings to the soul. And just after the downpour, the devilish being backs off, satisfied, tragically leaving us in regret as we brood over such a frenzy short spell of time.

Complete a dose of calm and reason out your stand with that self-destructive element that ruins your image, your voice, your look, even your thoughts. Despicable!

Drop the “Lionic nature” it doesn’t suit you. Put on the “Lambic one”. Don’t get scared, you are not going to be slaughtered. It will only prove a difference. An outstanding difference of love. It is very tiresome to contain an angry self, to keep a frowning face, you might want to prove tough but I tell you, trade a frown for a smile.

Choose to be Calm

Choose to be Patient,

Choose to be Understanding,

Choose to Endure,

Choose to Persevere

Not to easily get provoked. If we’re thinking in the same direction, I bet it sounds more like what love does. That’s right, forsake anger and choose love.

We can do this!

You Are Never Alone.


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