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A Selfless Me

A Selfless Me

Happy New Month to you.

A new month comes with new stuffs right? We also have something new to share this month. Last month was all about “A New Me”, building the foundation for being far better persons than previous years and bringing out the best in us. This month, we are going further to talk about “A Selfless Me”. Hmmmmm…

“We’ve all got our problems, we’ve all got challenges, our issues are not the same, we’ve all got personal things we need to focus on; I haven’t completely sorted out my own problems, how do you expect me to think of someone else?”

Well, many of us make these statements directly or indirectly including me. Sometimes, I say to myself, “no one cares about me, why should I care about someone else?”

However, as sincere as all these sound, we all seem to forget that we cannot by ourselves solve all our problems and challenges; we all need someone. In other words, you need someone out there to help you and someone out there needs your help. This is the reality many of us fail to see.

It is quite funny how much we want people to do something for us, make sacrifices for us, go the extra mile for us but we can hardly do the same for someone else. It is sometimes unbelievable to think that some people spend hours praying to meet helpers, sponsors and so on but ignore the fact that they also are someone else’s helper and sponsor. In this system, it will be pretty hard for anyone to move forward or gain success in life or eventually get help.

Have you ever thought of it this way; Imagine every other person were just like you, not willing to help those they can and should help, even you will not get help because, everyone is so focused on his or her own issues. Imagine everyone in the world was just as selfish; there would be no cures for diseases, no food to go round the world, no access to some of the most beautiful places on earth, no Aeroplanes, Cars, Mobile Phones, there would be nothing. In fact, the entire world will be on hold. You want to know why?

I believe any system obeys the first law of motion; “nothing moves except it is moved by something outside it” (paraphrased). So you see that if everyone just keeps to himself and minds his or her own business, there would be no solutions to problems that affect our world and everyone including ourselves would suffer for it.

Like my Boss would say; “this is not rocket science”; you need someone, someone needs you.

Selfishness describes someone who is selfish, someone who only thinks of himself or herself, who is only interested in his or her own advantage even at the expense of others.

Selflessness describes someone willing to do things which bring advantages to other people even if it means at the expense of him or herself.

This also affects has its way of affecting relationships because, every individual wants to be understood at all times without trying to understand someone else. Making it a big deal of how you are affected without even considering how it affects someone else.

The greatest gift mankind ever got was as a result of selflessness of the highest order. A man gave his life for his friends who did not even see Him as a Friend. This was the greatest sacrifice of all. One that restored life, purpose and identity to humanity and gave essence and significance to our living. Salvation is the greatest gift any man can have and it was paid for by a man’s life.

While selflessness makes you give anything and everything for someone’s comfort and happiness, selfishness asks what you will gain by giving just a fraction which you are even reluctant giving. Selfless people are all about impact, selfish people are all about the attention and their gains.

Being selfless may mean that no one gets to appreciate the gravity of what you have done. No one might have even noticed it but the world is a better place because of you and God honors you. I know it does not seem enough but the law of harvest makes us understand that “whatever you sow, you will reap”.

It may feel like no one sees you right now; however, Someone is watching you and in due season you will reap if you do not faint.

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