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“And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father”. (Colossians3:17)

There are several definitions of selflessness but then I would like to make one of these definitions our subject of discourse; “Selflessness is the act of not taking credit of your success or achievements for yourself, but instead attributing all to your LORD and SAVIOR, Jesus Christ”.

Hmmmn, this is one definition of selflessness that has sadly been overlooked. A selfless Christian does not seek to be known, praised or rewarded for the good he does because he doesn’t glory in the flesh. All he wishes is for Christ to be seen and glorified in his attitudes and actions, which when faithfully executed , “will draw people closer to the LORD”.

All your actions as a selfless Christian should not be for self glorification or for self-recognition. It should be to give glory to God. Everything you do should not be for the credit or plaudit you certainly will get and will eventually be your reward. Which would you prefer; Man’s reward or God’s reward? Chew on this for sometime.

As we go through this month, we are going to be learning on the acts of selflessness. But first we have to establish a foundation that whatever selfless act we make from now on should be to the glory of God and also draw people closer to God. Because He is the only one that deserves the glory and He is the only one that can reward our selfless act. Let us develop a habit of giving thanks and glory to God in whatever we do be it small or great. Let us proclaim Christ in our selfless acts. For this is the noble course for us as selfless Christians. Stay blessed.

You are never alone.


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