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Unashamed | DeAltar


If I'm still alive, it's because God made the provision.... A lesson from the past Many years, I lived in guilt, shame, bitterness. I felt less and many times life seemed worthless. I took solos in my head on perfect…

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The Lion King

So I just watched lion king again and sharing just one if the things I learnt. Remember Timo and Puma? The friends Simba made in jungle? (Yeah, those two, just the pair I know) So remember when he met them…

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A Fresh Start | DeAltar

A Fresh Start

I believe that lots of stuffs have happened in previous years, disappointing as well as cool stuffs. We have had achievements and disappointments likewise, success and failure, maybe in different proportions. I came into 2018 not knowing exactly how it…

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Come As You Are | DeAltar

Come As You Are

I've always thought I never really did fit in a lot of crowds, amongst the ladies all looking prim, cute and "ladylike" I was always the one in my jeans and sneaks, no make-up, struggling to flow with a conversation…

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Stop | DeAltar

Stop By Eddy Ben Ben

Vision, Aspiration, Goals, To do list, all this are beautiful┬ábut the problem is that a lot of us┬áSTOP there! S- Sluggishness T- Threads of the Past O- mind Obstacles P- Procrastination A lot of us have looped our live on…

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