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The Place Of Faith In Prayer

The Place of Faith in Prayer

Post Series: Effective Prayers

When a 3-month-old baby girl is hungry what does she do?

When she needs her mother for something what does she do?


She doesn’t cry because she wants to, she cries because she believes she’ll get what she wants. That’s how FAITH and PRAYER work.

First, what is FAITH?

In simple terms, “faith is believing” (HEB 11:1). Prayer on the other hand is “communicating with God”. Now faith and prayer both work hand in hand with each other. When you pray, you have to believe first that God can answer your prayer. James 1:6 (MSG) says we should ask boldly without a second thought. Faith in prayer is asking for something you know you have gotten already.

Praying without faith is like trying to light wet wood. Mark 11:24 says that whatever things we desire when we pray we should believe that we have received them and we will have them. Even if your Faith is not so ‘big’, it can still move mountains. Matthew 17:20 says that if our Faith can be like the mustard seed we can do the impossible.

When Jesus turned water into wine he believed. When He was going to serve thousands of people 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, He thanked God believing it was already done. There was no miracle that Jesus had to do that He didn’t believe that it was already done before He even prayed. As Christians, we have to understand that in our race we need faith.

Mark 9:23 “All things are possible to him that believeth”.

There are things that make Christians pray and not have faith. Sometimes it is because they have prayed in past times and they have not seen results. But we have to understand that God listens to all of our prayers the only time He doesn’t is if it is the prayer of a sinner, but if we are rooted in Christ, God listens.

He might just be asking you to wait for the right time of its manifestation, but He listens. In that period of waiting the devil can bring in doubt, so when next it’s time to ask something from God, that individual will no longer have 100% faith in God.

Faith is the foundation of prayer. Without faith, we cannot receive anything from God. So when next you are stuck in the exam hall say a word of prayer believing and see how God works things out.

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