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How To Be Accountable With Your Prayer Life

How to be Accountable With Your Prayer Life

Post Series: Effective Prayers

What is Accountability?

  • The ability to be accountable; taking responsibilities. Being committed to someone.
  • Being accountable also means, being willing to explain your actions with honesty and openness.

What does it mean to be accountable for your prayer life?

Accountability is one of the means God uses to bring about solid growth and maturity with the freedom to be what God has ordained us for.

God has established levels of accountability to help us in the matter of control, support, and growth.
God has given the Word and the Holy Spirit as His agents of control to help provide direction and control on our lives. Accountability to other believers is another key instrument in bringing about self-discipline and inner control.

Who are those people we must be accountable to?

  1. We must be accountable to God ourselves. Romans 14:12 “So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.”
  2. Mentors, leaders, and friends who are also accountable to higher authorities.
  3. People who are accountable to God. We can’t afford to submit ourselves to the authority of someone who doesn’t have a leader and who isn’t submitted to God.

Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Importance of having Accountability Partners.

An accountability partner can perceive what you can’t see when blind spots and weaknesses block your vision. Such a person serves as a tool in God’s hand to promote spiritual growth, and he or she watches out for your best interest.

Every one of us needs the accountability that comes from formal, regular, intimate relationships with other godly people.

Sin thrives in secrecy and that’s because most people refuse to be accountable. As believers, we are bound to be tempted but being accountable to God and others would keep us focused and not get distracted. We’d know that when we do something bad, we have people to reunite us with the truth.

Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

James 5:16

With power and responsibility must come accountability. A leader without accountability is an accident waiting to happen.

Albert Mohler

Being accountable to one another is a duty. Scripture does not tell us to never judge one another, but when we must, we must render judgement rightly. We should base our judgement on what God has said in His Word, not based on our emotions or preferences.

Let’s be accountable with our prayer life. Let’s revive our spiritual altars by committing to God and others. Let’s keep the fire burning.


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