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Adulthood Is Scam!

Adulthood is scam!

“Adulthood is a scam!” I told a friend of mine some weeks back. How about you, what do you think?


I’ve always wanted to grow up so fast. The idea of making decisions for yourself, not being bossed around, not enduring the consequences of the decisions of elders and wearing grown-up clothes sounded like life to me, so I wanted to get a life. I began to take up the roles of an adult, I spoke, walked, sat and acted like one.  I neglected childhood and when I became legal in 2018 I knew better.


Responsibility is what comes with making your own decisions.

Confusion is what happens when you aren’t certain of bearing the responsibilities that come with certain decisions.

Frustration is what ensues when the decisions do not yield the results you hoped

And depression locks in every corner hoping to find the slightest crack in your adult mind to creep in.

I learned as the days went by, childhood is bliss!

You learn to become an adult first by being a child. Living as a child. Paying rapt attention to every occurrence and advice and lesson that goes about in this season of life. Childhood is that space of time where you get to be the freest, to be without a care in the world,  and herein is haven!

‘If I could turn back the hands of time, If only…’ I had often wished but no time is ever late, it’s up to you to work with the realization. Because whether you be prepared or not, time will bring you into adulthood. So let’s be children again! Not in the foolishness of heart (Prov 22:15) but in the fullness of life expressions, in the ability to share and trust, in the propensity to laugh with reckless abandon, in the aptness to live unbounded by worry and care, in the potentiality to love freely and fully.


Thank you for reading!


If there’s one thing you wish to do as a child, what would that be?


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