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Is Excellence A One-time Thing?

Is excellence a one-time thing?


It can be unsettling how sometimes the things you love doing become really difficult.


Writing this article was a lot of work. I was beginning to question my ability as a writer and then just this morning, a friend who is a graphics designer related how he felt the same way and I realised that it is a usual pattern of how after achieving certain things with so much stress, the world’s attention comes upon you and you bask in your success story but before long, that story is old and the world is in search for something new, something fresh, something amazing and something higher in quality than the last. And this is where excellence comes in the picture.


Rick Pitino quotes “Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.”  So excellence isn’t a once in a lifetime thing, it isn’t the attitude of “I was excellent last week, so I can relax this week.”  Excellence is an ability that grows with consistency. 

Recently, I was at a gathering and one of the speakers rightly said- ‘maintaining excellence is harder and more expensive than achieving excellence.’ Indeed!

The word excellent means to be of a first-class. So it means to be on top of your game (whatever it is).


Getting to the top, dealing with competitions and the likes is hard enough yet staying at the top is harder because you have to be in the habit of up~ing your game.


Consequently, you have to keep aiming higher, doubling your efforts, because herein lies excellence.

Being excellent is hard work, maintaining excellence is more hard work but there is nothing impossible outside of Christ!!!!

Remember, you are never alone


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