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Who Am I? By Reverh

Who Am I? By Reverh


Most of us struggle with body image, people pleasing, we feel we don’t have the right personality.

Most times people ask us “what are you?”.

Most of us are told that our skin tone ‘dark skin’ is not good enough and that you need to be a lighter shade. You were told that you are worthless and a burden. Some of us grew up in abusive homes. Some struggle with eating disorder. Some do everything possible to meet up with the standards created on social media.

Sometimes when we are around our friends, we don’t act like ourselves or tell jokes like we would, we struggle to fit into their ‘status’.

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Sometimes we’re looked down on because we are teenagers. We are told it’s all about our hair, our eyes, what we wear and so on.

Don’t let other people’s opinion control you or define you or make you weak. God loves you as who you are and not who you try to be.

God made you the way you are, beautiful and wonderful, so skin tone doesn’t matter. Your personality is what God made you to be in, it’s not anything to be ashamed of.

  • Your worth is not defined by your past mistakes because God’s Grace is enough and it covers everything.
  • Your worth is not found in what other people think
  • Your worth is not found in your body
  • Your worth is not found in your looks
  • Your worth is not found in your DNA
  • Your worth is not found in your race
  • Your worth is not found in your personality
  • Your worth is not found in your talent
  • Your worth is not found in social media
  • Your worth is not defined by your youth
  • Your worth is found in the One that created you… The maker of every beautiful thing made you….
  • Your worth is found in Christ Jesus… He gave His life for you.. You’re worth more than you think
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If you are still struggling with finding your worth, God is more than ready to pour out His love on you and make you see and know who you are in Him. Just open up your heart to Him this moment.

As we go through this month we will be getting awesome posts that will help us in answering the question ‘who am I?’ .

You are never alone.


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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