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The Letters Series

Letter to my children

To my Mini me(s),

I Love you already even as you are yet to set your charming eyes on me and your Dad. We Love you unconditionally and there is nothing that can change how we feel about you. I want you to know that Mom is a combination of Discipline and Understanding, you read that right. Discipline in the sense that the Bible told us to Spoil the rod and spare the child and not spoil the Child to spare the rod – Remind me to tell you of the story where the child bit his mother’s ear because she refused to spoil the rod and the other man who killed his mom because she spared the rod (Mom Loves stories like that) – the Bible also said train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he would not depart from it. And yes, it also say parents provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in nurture and admonition of the Lord, now this is where the blend of understanding falls in.

I pray for you now and always that you will be alert and discerning, able to resist temptations, stand firm and confident in all you do, your light will shine so bright before men, that they would see the good works our father in heaven have bestowed in you, your heart be filled with Peace, Love, Harmony and Joy. I am happy for the heights we would achieve together as a family and how the Love of God would increase every seconds amongst us.

In as much as I want you to attain excellence, I would love you discover your purpose, work towards achieving, make healthy friends you can soar high together and would love at all time, even in adversity. Explore and do greater works than I did. Your dad and I already have libraries awaiting your arrival, we will read together, cook together and have fun together. We are your best friends, chit chat partner, your private tutors, your chefs, a pillow for you to lay on, your personal adviser, your personal trainer, Guardian angel, housemates and most especially your parents.

I know I won’t be there always but I promise to listen to you and to always love you. There are steps you would have take alone without your Dad and I. Decisions and Choices you would consider and choose alone and I know you will always find your way around each task. There are situations and challenges you have to face alone and I believe you will scale through them and affect the world positively. I leave one thing with you today “Always find Joy in everything you do and in all situations. You always have your choice and even if it is to choose nothing. Choose to always find the good things in every situation and you will find the Joy that is yours. Make positive impact, make it a priority and positivity will come to you”

There are times I find it difficult to say No and I end up displeasing or not attaining my target for the day or week, I want you to always stand firm to your words. Let your No be NO and your Yes be YES. I want you to go forward in your lives, press through the difficult time, rejoice in the good times and treasure all moments because life passes by so quickly and in the blinking of an eye you will be sitting down to write a letter to your children. I hope to leave you a legacy of Love, Strength, Joy and laughter in every situation as you carry on the life lessons we pass on to each other from parents to child.

And finally, always Dream. Don’t forget to dream big and hope for everything. Without your dreams, you die. Cupcakes, I could go on and on but I just have to drop my pen here and write to you later. I am glad you read with Love and hold steadfast as I celebrate my day with you.

With Love ♥ always,
From Mom and Dad 😘

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