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Childhood Experiences; Naomi Mac

Childhood Experiences; Naomi Mac

Hello everyone, we are back again still on lessons from our childhood experiences. This time we have our guest, Naomi Mac .

Naomi Mac is a Nigerian female singer, song writer and performer who hails from Bayelsa, Nigeria. She is the first runner up of season 1 Nigerian Idol and Star’s ‘The winner is’. She is married to Mr Frank Paladini .

Uncertain as it may seem for winners of most music reality shows, Naomi Mac is an amazing gospel artist. Chorister in HICC and a woman of Faith

Hello Naomi

Hi Vikky

Great to have you on our platform

Great to be here

So, what was your relationship with your parents like when you were a child?

My relationship with my parents is one I would never trade for anything in the world. We were really close and they were really supportive of everything I did.

In what ways have your parents influenced you the most?

Well… they really Influenced me spiritually cause they never joked with the things of God. They made me understand the meaning of purpose in God and my mum most especially really influenced my music..

Hmmm, Mommas are gold

Precious Jewels

Wow, I like that better. So tell us, what was growing up like?

Growing up experience for me… I had funny, weird, good and bad moments. It was quite tough at some point but with the help of God and family I was able to pull through.

I had a couple of experiences. One was when I was healed of asthma and the other was when I fell really sick that almost took my life but was restored back to life..

Wow! So you are a living testimony ….

(Laughs)  everyone is

Yeah…. How has your childhood influenced who you are today?

Hmmm…. Every activity involved has groomed me particularly the near death experience, my struggles…and I could have walked the other way but God’s involvement has been a guide up until this point and even the times to come.

Amazing! Do you agree to mention certain changes from the time of your childhood and now?

Of course and to be more specific, the morals and discipline is not as strong as before. Better said, technology is taking over the place of a lot and the changes are happening too fast that sometimes I think it’ll be hard to get a grip on this generation talk more of the next.

What is your goal as a/an (aspiring) parent?

My goal is to raise God fearing children that would add value to the society, raise children that are not selfish and add value to me in return involving God all the way because we can hardly do a thing or two without God, He is Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end, I’d be wrong starting somewhere else.

Thank you so much for your time…

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