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The Letters Series; Anonymous

The Letters Series; Anonymous

Dear Mom,

How’re you doing? Sure you’re having an incredible time. I never really got to tell you how much you mean to me, so I’m going to try doing justice to that now.

You’re incredible, I’ve never met a more industrious woman like you in my life (not being biased here), you always knew what your family needed and strived to provide, as the last child of the house I never got to see you in your prime so when I heard the stories from my elder ones, it further cemented my resolve in saying you’re the best anyone could ever have.

We were never the rich ones, but we never begged for one day, thanks to God and you, Dad was retired and you took the mantle, you provided, you always ensured we had food to eat and when you had extra you got us treats.

You’re beautiful, never had time for make-up and weave ins, the one time we made you do it, we woke up the next morning and you had loosened it, I laughed so hard. You went from cutting your hair to braiding it and whatever came in between and I’m following suite.

You’re peaceful, never one to make trouble, but also wasn’t the one to be taken lightly, I still remember some of the epic beatings I got from you.

You’re strong, very strong I watched you for months battle Cancer, at the beginning I thought it was pile, but I got to find out what it was, even then I wasn’t bothered, my mother was a strong woman, I never knew the amount of pain you were in, you weathered it, hung on for as long as you could, fought each day and kept fighting until your last breathe.

You’re missed, everyday something happens that I feel I ought to say to you or you ought to have witnessed, I smile, okay sometimes I cry too, but then I have hope I’ll see you again.

You’re remembered and above all you’re loved.


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