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Childhood Memories; Abimbola

Childhood Memories; Abimbola

Based on our theme for the month; Dear Mum and Dad, we intend to openly appreciate our parents and encourage every aspiring parent, and this session specifically is dedicated to childhood experiences.

Let’s meet our first special guest

Akintan Abimbola. A student of the Federal university of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Studying Banking and Finance, 400L. An amazing woman of God

What was your relationship with your parents like ?

As a child my relationship with my parents especially my mum was a really strong one. I was much more closer to her & I grew to learn a lot from it.

In what ways have your parents influenced you the most?

Like I said , I’m more of the mummy’s girl (lol) , my mum led me to understand the importance of making God my top most priority & I’m thankful to God for how far He’s brought me on this walk of faith as a lady.

What was growing up like?

My growing up was a combination of good and fun no doubt. I always loved to be with other children either learning a new game or just enjoying series of childish conversations.

Any particular experience as a child that changed or shaped your sight of reality?

Well , to this; I remember as a child that I was , I had the opportunity to take care of a neighbors baby most time (as her mom was always out to work early & back late & her brothers just saw me as perfect for the job of babysitting). I was little yet I took care of the baby just like a mother will: pick her from her daycare , change her clothes & diapers , feed her , sing lullabies so she could be fast asleep. All this made me learn that in any way ? We can be of help to any one & our little actions mean a lot to God & people around.

What’s different about growing up today and when you were growing up?

The major difference is technology. Technology is taking over everything now & children are quick to learn what they see or watch & it makes me wonder how advanced it’ll be in the days of my own children.

How has your childhood influenced who you are today?

I had a great childhood & I’m thankful for it. If it is the foundation of knowing Christ alone ? That alone has influenced me to become the lady I am & the woman I’m still becoming. Indeed , when you train up a child in the Lord’s way,It is hard for him/her to depart from it.

What is your goal as a/an (aspiring) parent?

As an aspiring parent , it is my desire to depend to God to lead me to have a healthy & indescribable bond with my children; making them my friends as they speak to me whenever & teaching them that God is the best priority a man could ever have.

Thank you so much for your time Abimbola.

Would you also like to share your childhood experiences or send a shout out to Mum or Dad or both? Leave a comment in the comment section or send us a mail at


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