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You Deserve Perfect Love

You Deserve Perfect Love

You deserve perfect Love

Yes you deserve perfect love

So you have a past that is messed up and full of filth…you deserve perfect love

You are angry at yourself for mistakes you made…you deserve perfect love

You are the biggest participant in sexual immorality…you deserve perfect love

You have slain souls so many you can’t count…you deserve perfect love

You are the leader of the bad gang in school…you deserve perfect love

So whenever you hear people talk about Christ, you are always eager to talk against Him and shut those people up…you deserve perfect love.

No matter what you have done or haven’t done…you deserve perfect love.

Christ said it Himself that he didn’t come to save the righteous. He came for the sinners. He knows what a mess you are yet He is still in love with you. You have shut Christ out of your life yet He waits patiently even till this day.

Don’t you think it time to let Him in, to let Him show you the real definition of love.

Love so perfect, yet unconditional

Love so complete and pure without blemish or flaws.

God loves you just the way you are. Yes! The way you are with all your filth and flaws.

Run into God’s open arms today, accept Christ, ask Him to wash you and enjoy a love so perfect you’d be amazed exists.

You Are Never Alone.


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