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Peace In The Storm By Michael Kingsley

Peace In The Storm By Michael Kingsley

Peace In The Storm

I’ll go straight up to the point. No complexities!

The world is full of people who are in different storms. It could be an emotional, financial, spiritual or even a physical kind of storm, as the case maybe. These people go about, every day, consciously or not, looking for solutions to their problems – Peace to their storms.

So now, why not we take a slightly different approach to this Peace in the storm theme. Let’s look at it selflessly – void of thinking only about ourselves, for now.

How? What do I mean?

The solutions, to the storms that the world is in, is not far-fetched. The answers to these storms people face daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, are not far away.

You are, or at least, can be a/the peace to the emotional, physical, spiritual, financial or what-have-you storms people face.

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Yes, you are. Yes, you can.

Whether directly (as per things you can do yourself) or indirectly.

Directly? This is what I mean:

We have the capacity although unknowing to some, to be the PEACE IN people’s STORMS. I believe that there’s someone out there whose storms we are actually peace to. There are a whole lot of people who we can, in our own little way calm the storms they are into.

It could be Just an advice. A word of encouragement. A gift, in form of food or clothing or even a hug; yes, a hug.

These things seem too little and, of course, you might think I really don’t grasp the meaning or weight of the world – STORMS, but, I do, I really do.

I’ve seen and heard how just a cup of rice or a few bucks of naira saved a person from death. Or don’t you know that even a piece of advice can, and have saved some people who are traumatized  from committing suicide?

That’s exactly what I mean when I say ‘you can be the peace to people’s storm – directly.’

What about indirectly? you ask.

Yes. As believers, who have the Prince of PeaceJesus and the precious Holy Spirit of God in us, we can lead these people, especially those who have not experienced the peace and Joy that comes from knowing you are saved, to God.

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We can, albeit indirectly, be the peace in their storm by preaching, which is of course done directly, to them and then the rest is left to the Holy Spirit. And that part of the work is HIS, which is why I call it indirect.

Surely, you will be grateful you did.

You see, I went straight to the point. No complexities!

You Are Never Alone


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