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Why? By Victoria

Why? By Victoria


I hope this answers some of your questions. “Ironic” don’t laugh yet. My father passed away when I was little, not quite cos I knew it too well, feeling the jab of several blades at my heart. “Oh no! ” I kept crying, the suddenness was unbelievable and the truth, incomprehensible… It all felt meaningless, like a terrifying lie that would end with me crying and laughing even harder. On and on, I deceived myself. The reality of my loss proved true as everyone was soaked in sadness. In my pain and anger, I rebuked my late father and dared look at the heavens with resentment. “Why had God forsaken me? ” “Why me? ”

There, that question that we at one point ask the Invisible, I asked too. Most annoyingly, there’s never an answer. A friend once said, “If it’s not you, who will it be? ” I was so mad at the sound of those words. Not anymore though, I took a calm pill and tried to reason out her heartless statement. Things happen, ones we plan for or not. There’s got to be an experience, a lesson…. “Why me and not the others? ”  okay…. I wouldn’t say I have an answer to that but, one thing is for sure, Good and Bad are a part of life. I’m not being evil, just speaking real.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]All things work together for our good (the good and the bad)[/blockquote]

Now you seek the good in these horrible incidents, don’t dwell on that. Things hapoen, good and we smie experiencing joy, bad and we weep, sorrowful… Our carelessness could have resulted in the ‘bad’, it could be to reprove us and most often to teach us. People who’d experienced ‘tough times’ and persisted always do come out strong, better…. Yeah, just like being tried with fire, gold comes out it’s finest.

At this juncture, I come to a halt. An absolute abrupt halt. Trust me, thinking, seeking, searching only tires you. I came across this in my findings, check it out

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]Great and mighty things doeth He(God) which we cannot comprehend (Job 37:5).[/blockquote]

God has not called us to understand, it’s too much work for us, so all He asks for is our trust. Okay, some unpleasant stuffs occur but in all if you believe, He’s right there. Even when you seem forsaken, silent those tormenting fears and look again. Yes and yes, He didn’t leave, not even for a second. He held on to you when only the tiniest voice in you cried out in faith.

Okay, I did say it’ll answer your questions, not in that sense though but in hope that you’d stop asking and give instead. That’s right, give Him your trust, God I mean. And hey, this really helps out;

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]In all things, give thanks. For this is the will of God through Christ Jesus for us (1Thessalonians 5:18).[/blockquote]

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