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The Jungle Book 2

The Jungle Book 2

Lessons from the Jungle Book (continued):

3. Every individual is unique:

I have seen people try to be like other people, I have seen people try to create themselves in others, I have also been in a position where I really wanted to be like someone else. Not that these are entirely wrong, because you could like a trait in someone and imbibe it or you could impart a trait in you which you feel will be helpful to the other person. However, never let this out of your mind; no matter how much you want to be like someone else, no matter how much someone tries to make you like himself/herself, you are a unique being with a unique personality. You may share similar traits but ultimately you are unique in your own way. There is something in you that makes you special. A definition of unique reads; “a single one of its kind”; more or less, one of a kind. So no need comparing yourself to another. Stop looking for similarities and differences where you need to stand out. There are over 7 billion unique individuals on earth and you are one of them.

4. Every special individual needs a special family:

“This is the law of the jungle… ; the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf.”- curled from The Jungle Book. I really had to listen to this over and over again. It is probably one of the most powerful statements I have heard this year. It implies that the strength of one is the whole and the strength of the whole is the one. No matter how special, unique, extremely talented you are, you need a family. I have heard of people who feel they can do it all alone but they would soon discover just how wrong they were. I am not referring to a team here; teams are for projects which are seasonal, they come and they go but when there are no projects, no assignments, no programs and you are left with you being you, who are those you stick with. Your special nature means it is highly risky to be part of just any family. You need to be part of a family that will harness your specialty and bring out the best in you. You need a special family.

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