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The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

Lessons from the Jungle Book

Hello friend,

Today and in the coming days this week, I will be reviewing some of my favourite movies and books. I might include songs too. The essence is to understand the deep things hidden in these works which the producers or writers probably did not even see while these projects were in motion. I hope you get inspired as a result and maybe you start seeing movies, books and songs from a very different view from now and seek those things that are beyond the surface and makes so much sense to your inner person.

I would like to start with a movie I saw this year titled; The Jungle Book. Pretty sure many of you may have seen it but probably did not see some of the things I will be mentioning here.

First of all, I will try to attempt to give a summary of the whole movie.

It is about a young child (human) who escaped the claws of death after witnessing the death of his father by the claws of a tiger. He was eventually rescued by a panther and taken in by a wolf pack and grew up to be part of their family. He learned their ways, their anthem, he was basically an adopted wolf. However, a menace from his past came back to haunt him when the tiger asked the wolf pack to give him up to be eaten because of how much it hated humans. The wolves refused and sent him away to meet his kind (humans) believing he would be safe there. The animals of the jungle were literally scared of the humans and especially their “red flower” (fire) which brings destruction to their home. Eventually, this young chap had to face two important things; who he really was and his arch enemy. There was no running away from this this time.

Let’s go through what I learned together:

  1. Life in itself is a jungle filled with ferocious and blood thirsty predators whose only interest is feeding on the weak:

    If you go through life like it is a funfair, you are most likely having a concert while the lion is giving thanks for its next meal. All around you are predators lurking, waiting for the best time to strike; the only thing which occupies their minds is destruction, trouble, devices of evil and so on and once you stray in their path, you are as good as gone. So stop treating life like it is a circus, a parade, a funfair, trust me those predators can turn against you at any moment. Never lose your guard.

  2. The Prey is a prey because of its limitations:

    What usually makes the predator much superior to the prey is its advantage over the prey. The prey is seen as weak and the predator much stronger and domineering. A prey is most times not strong enough, not good enough, not fast enough, or not wise enough. What you may not know is that a prey is not a fixed selection where a general rule is applied. One man’s limitation is another’s advantage. A prey is not just one that is not tall enough but also one that is not short enough, not just one that is not big enough, but also one that is not slim enough and so on. So in the real sense even the most powerful could become preys because they also have their limitations. The tiger saw the young chap throw the “red flower” away and smiled because it really thought it had the advantage here. The tiger had its claws, its teeth, its speed and strength while the young guy had nothing but his wits. So what significance does this have to you? Stop focusing on your limitations and start maximizing your advantages, your assets, your strengths, what you have. You need to stop brooding over what you do not have and focus more on what you have. The more you lay hold on your weaknesses and limitations, the more of a prey you are.

To be continued…



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