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The Jungle Book 3

The Jungle Book 3

And now for the  concluding part of the lessons from the Jungle Book:

5. Stop facing your challenges as the person your experience created but face them as the man you were meant to be:

The young child joined the wolves, running at the tiger to attack it until his run was brought to an abrupt end by the panther and it said something I could not help but note; you are not a wolf, do not fight it like a wolf, fight it like a man (paraphrased). A lot of us have being through stuffs, good, bad and ugly and our present state is more or less a sum total of what we have experienced in the past. However, are we supposed to face our future as the men our past made us or the men we are supposed to be? You are far better than your past. The failures, the heartbreaks, the hurts, the pain, they no doubt have become a part of us but they are not us, not who we are. We are not products of failures, hurts and pain and who we are is still ahead of us. You may not realise how much more you can be if you do not rise above your past and walk like the man and woman you were meant to be; wise, strong, bold, courageous and above limitations.

6. Finally, You are not what your challenges say you are:

Do not be deceived to believe and accept that you are what your challenges and difficulties say you are. No no no… The real you lies deep down hidden from veiled faces and it will take a whole lot of courage and determination to be that You you are on the inside. You are not what the mockers say you are, not what the haters say you are, not what the devil has made you believe you are; You are what God says you are and that you is within you. So the next time you are challenged to show the world the real You, do not show them what they have concluded and made you believe to be you, the you you have accepted to be because of circumstances. The circumstantial you that changes with change in time and situations and leaves you confused and hopeless. The circumstantial you will always change but the real you can never change. It is not based on situations, circumstances, or people’s opinions and predictions, it is who you are. Do not try to prove anything about You, just be You.

I am sure this has been revealing, but it is not going to be complete without referring to the point that every special individual should be part of a special family. And with you being a special person, you need to be part of a special family and that family is the family of God, with God as our Father. In this family, be rest assured that you will be the best you were meant to be. No one knows you better than God. Be a part of this family and your life will never remain the same again.

Love you but God loves you more. Do not forget to share this with someone who needs it.

Compliments of the season.



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