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Now I See Me – Part 3

Hey guys, it's the concluding part of this eye-opening series. It is quite unbelievable how little we see despite the fact that everything seems to be right in front of us. There is truly more to that which meets the…

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A New Me

Hello friends, Welcome to 2017, a new year that promises to be far better compared with previous years. Previous years have come and gone with their disappointments; particularly with resolutions, goals, visions and dreams. However, this New Year promises a…

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I wish i were 18…

Have you ever wished you were younger, wished you could go back in time to a particular period in your life, or have you ever pondered on how fast time flies?

Just in case you have not, I have. Recently I thought of how old I was and I was a little confused, trying to calculate how old I was. I wanted to be at a particular age so bad that I felt that had to be my age.

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