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Now I See Me – Part 2

Now I See Me – Part 2

Hey there, good to have you back. The first part of this series was about what we see when we look into the mirror. We discovered that we see three persons in one image; who we were, who we are and who we should be. Today we will be discovering how other people’s views affect the way we see ourselves.

A lot of people depend on people to see them and help them spot those things they need to work on or improve on. However, if you cannot see it by yourself, it will have little effect. People will always make you see the version of yourself that they see and if you do not take out time to look in the mirror to look for yourself, you will keep living other people’s lives.

Seeing who you are makes you recognize those parts you need to work on having at the back of your mind who you should be or what you want to look like by the time by the time you leave the mirror.

Some people could be really sincere in the efforts to make you better but the truth remains, no one knows you the way you know you. And no one can see you better than the way you see yourself. It is a matter of looking into the mirror and asking yourself three questions; who was I? Who am I? Who am I supposed to be?

Only then can you see you for who you really are.

It is really not that complex. Other people’s views of you can push you here and there like the wind with no specific direction. What happens to a plane with no direction or a car that moves haphazardly? They would eventually crash.

I have been in situations where different people were telling me different things about me and I was almost going crazy because I had no idea what to see. It is like being faced with multiple colors moving so fast but you have to focus on one color. There are times you actually need to just close your eyes and see from within. There are times you will need to shut people out in order to see you. Other people’s views of you do not have to be your view of yourself regardless of who they are. If you cannot see yourself, there is no way you can be yourself. You will only be living someone else’s image.

I remember someone asking myself and a friend to pose for a picture and we were standing like we were being captured not realizing that that person was simply taking selfies. Guess a lot of people love taking selfies with other people’s lives.

As Danielle Steel showed in her book; Amazing Grace; a lot of times, people want to live their lives through us. So when they are looking at us, they are not really seeing us but themselves. The only person who should see Himself in us is God and that is because He created us in His image. Do not use someone else as your mirror, you will only end up as an image of that person; never truly discovering who you are.

You need to find yourself and that is by looking at yourself through a mirror. God has given us the best mirror we can use, much more better, effective and revealing than our physical mirrors. It even shows the true nature of our hearts, its intents and motives. It is the Word of God. It shows us more than anything else who we were (sinners), who we are (God’s image) and who we should be (God’s children).

It does not end here. Watch out for the concluding part.

You Are Never Alone.


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