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The Power Of Hope In Daily Life

The Power Of Hope In Daily Life

Looking at the flowers of the field and considering the way they blossom every morning after a long night amazes me. I’ve been in this amazement for a while now. There are many ways in which nature tells us stories. It’s high time we start paying attention to little messages from God through our surroundings, and keep our hope in Jesus.

The flower in this case gives us the belief that there is hope for the next day. This is because the flower is sure that the sun will shine again the next morning and so it will blossom again and bring out its beauty.

As humans we may also experience cold nights where we bow our heads in deep thoughts and about to loose hope. If there can be hope for a tree that is cut down, then there is hope for every human that sees the new day.

The assurance of sun shining the next day is enough to keep one going everyday. No matter how dark the night goes, there will always be sunshine the next day. This is a promise from God which is unchangeable, therefore there is a renewed and reassuring hope for everyday.

The farmer when they plant their seeds strongly believe and hope for a good harvest at the end of a particular time. So every day is so important to the farmer as he his expecting the great harvest from his seeds. When he sees the sunshine the next morning, the joy of “harvest is coming soon fills his heart.”

If the night was so cold, the sun will warm up the morning. Look through your window and see the sun smiling at you, that is a sign of hope.


Dear reader, it is never over until God says so and for the fact that tomorrow is sure then hope is also sure for you. Keep your hope in Jesus, in him you have the hope of glory and in him your tomorrow is secured. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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