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The Role Of Temperaments In Understanding People

The Role of Temperaments in Understanding People

Post Series: Understanding People

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth he created just two of us but today we have grown into billions and we have different faces and different people on Earth today and we all have to coexist to make a Better World.

In the quest to coexist successfully, we have to understand each other that we have different temperaments, different behaviours and different characters and you can agree with me that we handle matters differently, even the same matters.

As many as we are in the world today we can be classified into (4) different groups of behaviours (TEMPERAMENTS) we have SANGUINE, CHOLERIC, MELANCHOLY AND PHLEGMATIC.

Irrespective of who you are, you must fall into one of these categories. Now let’s explain further

  1. SANGUINE: People that fall in this category are the ones we see at the forefront of social affairs today they gladly and effortlessly do things that are associated with social activities they are goal getters and they can be everywhere almost at the same time. We can say they are hyperactive but that is just their nature and it is a reflex that cannot be controlled even by them. When dealing with such people we have to understand and pace up with their vibe. These set of people are like air they are everywhere…lol.
  2. MELANCHOLY: The ‘jeje’ and easygoing guy, no stress I just want to feel cool and be happy. People like this just want to be in the background and do the job without being noticed but would be the whole brain behind the great success. If you overwork such a person he may not function well to his best abilities and could be judged wrongly for that. They are at their best on a low key
  3. CHOLERIC: They may look gentle in the face but inside them is fire, they are easily angered and irritated at any little thing. In dealing with such a person you must be very careful and observant before you attend to matters or judge matters before them. For such people you do not confront them from the front you confront them from the side; meaning you don’t confront them directly but stylishly so as not to trigger their anger.
  4. PHLEGMATIC: Almost like the melancholic category the phlegmatic guys are also cool and calm in nature they hardly react to matters immediately and don’t even have the capacity to fight back when hurt. Such people could be very emotional when they are being cheated or abused. Such people love very easily. They can even be emotional while watching movies.

One has to observe and understand his or herself also so as to know the best way to interact or relate with other people just to establish a successful and peaceful coexistence.

NOTE: Combining the same temperament may not be advised. We cannot mix fire and Fire that will be hazardous, neither can we add water and water that will cause a flood; but basically it has to be balanced so everything can be fine at the end of the day.

I’m sure after reading this little article you will discover yourself and understand people better thank you for reading.

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