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You Had Better Failed Than Never Tried

You Had Better Failed Than Never Tried

Post Series: Moving Forward

I know you are probably too familiar with this line of motivational speaking. But please, stay with me.

A friend was jokingly speaking of books and some of their hilarious titles. And then she settled on how amazing it was that people were selling their failures in volumes.
Books with titles “how to not do ..” “5 wrong approaches to…” “things to not do if you want to be …” are bestsellers, and it’s rather impressive that those books are chronicles of people’s failures, and that millions of people across the world are purchasing and the writer is cashing out on.

But how did it all start? From a trial that didn’t end well.

Now my question to you, what’s your reason to not start? What is your reason to not try?

“What if I fail?” You think.

Well, surprise! Surprise!

Even failure has commercial value. Failure will teach you to work better and achieve success. And people will pay to come listen or read your account on the wrong moves you made before you got the right one. However, it will only happen if you start/try.

You had better failed than never tried. You had better. Now that you have no more excuse, how about you start right now? There isn’t a better time!


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