Hold on; Don’t let go

By April 5, 2019 Blog
Hold on; Don't let go

I was practically overwhelmed; the storms were too great; my grip was failing me. Actually, I was getting really tired. The storm had lasted for far too long, more than I could bare. The only thing on my mind at that point was for it all to end. So, if the storm will not end, I should end the fight and that would be the last anyone would hear of me.

Sure, that was the easy way out. I probably won’t last more than 5 minutes in water since I really cannot swim. The only piece I could hold on to did not feel enough. I just wanted the storm to go and since that was becoming more like a fantasy, my reality would be me drifting into the deep, drowning in the silence. No one would even know where I was or what happened to me.

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What I did not know however, was that the end to the storm was closer than I ever imagined. At that point where I was so close to giving up, I was also so close to making it out. Well, it was while considering giving up – which took a while – that I saw the skies ahead clearing out.

The beaming smile from the sun felt like a triumphant “you made it through”.

For so long, I did not think I would see clear skies again, I was already giving up on life itself. But just when I was on the edge of throwing in the towel and letting go, I realized that I was also at the edge of the storm and now I can look back at what I have been through and smile that I made it through.

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The piece I thought was not enough to see me through the storm came through for me. And now, I hold on tight to it cos my life depended on it and though I doubted, it did not give up on me.

It is pretty interesting how easy it is to give up, especially when it gets really tough. When we give up, we unknowingly miss out on the miracle that could have been ahead of us. We miss out on the bright and clear skies just beyond the edge of the storm.

As long as there is life, there is hope. Hope is that piece that we hold on to. Hope is the Anchor we can cling on even in the toughest storms.

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Hope is a person. Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

I know it is getting pretty tough and messy. It look likes there will be no blue skies, and all you can see are grey areas. But even in the darkest nights, we can see the stars; a sign that a brighter day is just around the corner.

So, hold on; be strong. Hold firm; do not let go, and you will eventually experience that awesome feeling of You Made It Through!

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