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Beyond The Picture, See! By Dorcas

Beyond The Picture, See! By Dorcas

Much more, there is just so much more than meets the eye. It’s like looking at your face in a mirror, all you see are the visible features of your face, you don’t see what is on the inside or do you see what is behind.

Everyone wants things picture-perfect and to see a perfect picture. However, beyond the picture you see is yet a bigger picture you often fail to see. This not only tells you what the picture is; it tells, the colors that make the picture, how the picture was made, why the picture was made, what the picture was made of, what the picture can be used for. It tells the finer details of the picture.

Oftentimes, life throws at you bricks, same bricks used in erecting buildings, growing walls and making landmarks. However, you are always so quick to throw it back as a slap at life’s face. After all, you wanted to be a medical doctor, not a builder. Of course, 20years-old-you is only concerned with the smooth sails, perfect pictures, and rainbows of life. Who cares about the flood before, the waves that calmed or the so many rough sketches in the trash before the perfect picture emerged. Ever made a mistake with your dress and it turned out to be a new style that people complimented?

What do you do when life gives you blue and yellow instead of the green that is your preference? Throw it out? or be wise and get three at the cost of one; Blue, yellow and its mixture which gives you green. Why throw out the lemons you hate, when you can make the lemonade you love?

Look within your reach! think outside the box! why have a box at all? why not think like there’s no box and the possibilities are endless. Afterall a box can only have so many squares, where is the circle or triangle?

See beyond the perfect picture, see the imperfections of the strokes of the brush, what story is the picture capable of telling?

Assignment tells you what you should know, they are arrows for directions after which test comes to see how well you followed the directions. We often fail life’s tests due to the assignments we ignored, how do you get to somewhere you know not without directions?

In these situations, life isn’t posing a question of what you do not have, what you would rather or what you know. Rather, it is asking what you can do with what you have, how far and trained your eyes are. It is telling you to pay attention to the things you should know.

Still throwing your rancid milk out?

Look to the cheesemakers who actually require that bacteria feed on lactose and ferment it, thus making it rancid in order to produce cheese and yogurt. As well as other great uses of rancid milk such as steak tenderization, baking and salad dressing.

When you open your life’s fridge and all you can find is rancid milk, what do you see? Curdled milk that smells and tastes disgusting or cheese and yoghurt?

Beyond what you see, what do you SEE?.

Written By: Adeyemo Dorcas.


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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