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Just Jesus

Just Jesus

Through times and seasons
Decades and centuries
Generations and eras
Through the hardest of minds
And brutality of hands
In the space where hearts have died
Where living has lost reason
Where weakness has drowned strength
And judgement has clouded mercy
In the places where hope had gone into extinction
Where goodness is none existent
Where tears is drink
Where insult is meat
In spaces where people are without
In places where grief is company
And sorrow friend
Where suffering rules
And pain dictates
Where regret broods
Where joy is amiss
Where happiness costs
Where freedom is in chains
And bondage is rain
Where death is alive
And life is unknown
Only He has penetrated
Where He is spoken of
Or read about
Talked about
Or heard about
Where He is shown
Where He is known
Where He is handled
Where He is expressed
Where He lives
Where He dwells
Where He is given
Where He is seen…
His entrance always introducing light
Erupting a forever change
His presence, igniting life
His scent, springing alive hope
His touch, birthing transformation
His passing, commanding newness
His sight, sponsoring revival
His dwelling, amassing goodness in all its fullness
His revelation, clothing with glory
His revelation, the answer to every stance
He was, He is and will be e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g
Everything we need
The very answer that we seek
In His fullness and not our context
In His expression and not our perception
Hope is the preservation of the promise
Jesus, our Hope
Love is who we need
Love is who He is
Hope is Jesus

You Are Never Alone

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