Hope Redefined

By November 28, 2018 Blog
Hope Redefined

I hope…..
A lazy man’s song
An idle man’s chant
An unbelieving believer’s bowl of contention
A weary man’s resort
The pendant on the chain of ignorance…

Hope is never an excuse to seize from work. Hope is not deliverance from pain, persecution, troubles. Hope is not an escape route. Hope is not a cover from disappointment. Hope is no shield from trials. Hope is not the answer….

Yet Hope is a message we preach cos real hope, disappointment cannot tire. Hope keeps alive the will to go through. Hope strengthens the faith to believe. Hope causes despair to disown you. Hope never burns out. Hope stays through ‘breaking’ processes and keeps you standing in readiness to receive the fulfillment of promises. Hope links our impotence to God’s omnipotence. Hope causes you to work in faith and rest in His promise.

Though dark be my way, since He is my guide
‘Tis mine to obey ’tis His to provide
Though cisterns be broken, and creatures all fail
The word He hath spoken shall surely prevail.

Abraham obeyed God ‘foolishly’ (you could call it) but at the provision of an instruction, he moved along. Even when the journey was not defined, He went along because the Lord was his guide (trust). And when the promise came, years failed, reasons seized, reality stood aloof, bitterness played a mirage as age counted negligent. Hope wasn’t in sight yet Romans 4:18 records;

“……who, against hope, believed in hope…..”

The dreamer boy, Joseph could have been blinded by the brightness of his future but from slavery to prison, he went. Where was the hope for a fulfillment of his dreams? Perhaps hope in man as the pathway to his greatness died but hope in the one who revealed his dream grew all the while he waited expectantly as he prepared and learnt keys for where he was headed.

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Until hope gets exhausted, Hope isn’t known cos at the scent of hope, life springs forth. At the hearing of hope, will lives; trust is birthed.

So, Hope is waiting patiently and expectantly while preparing for the particular opportunity that will change your life forever.  

Not sitting with hands folded but preparing. And like Abraham, like Joseph, waiting expectantly while preparing for the opportunities that were great turning points, that changed their lives forever. Cos against hope, they believed in Hope (Christ, the hope of glory), He honoured their trust and came through for them. God honours trust, He will honour your trust if you believe in him and patiently wait(hope).

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Today, we bring you the message of HOPE!!

You Are Never Alone

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