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Life Bullies

Life’s Bullies By Irene

Hi, there, I’m Irene and I’d like to proudly introduce my new web series, titled, “Life Bullies”.

Now, I’m sure everyone has had a little bit of bullying in their lives before, in every little form or way. In the form of that person who, not only physically, but yes verbally as well, has gotten us into doing what they want for their own selfish purposes.

Well, if you haven’t, or if you can’t tell if you’ve been bullied before, let’s take a quick look at what a bully is.

A bully is an intimidator. A bully will use force, again not just physically, but verbally as well, to achieve his goal. A bully plays on our emotions when we’re most wearing thin on our confidence or self defence mechanisms, all just to get what he or she wants, and most times, gets away with it.

Sure, the adults are already rolling their eyes, but hey! You too can, if not already, be bullied as well. A bully doesn’t have to be the cliché or stereotypical high school Jock who pummels you into your locker to get your lunch money or a rise out of you. It’s not “middle school” Brock who makes faces at you as you pass the hallway.

And that’s where “Life Bullies” comes in…

Life bullies are those bullies from high school without the high school, take away the physical punches and everything else, then voila! you’ve got them.

And the truth of the matter is we’re all definitely going to meet them. Well, a large number of us. You’re going to come across that one person who’s a walking flame, carrying so much fire inside them…

And all to burn who?


Imagine being roasted… Literally, while you’re alive too. And then while you’re on that thin line that divides life and death, it all stops. And you’re left half roasted.

Imagine surviving third degree burns from a gas explosion at close range. After a large series of surgeries and patchwork, you come out looking… Well, let’s be nice… Not good looking, not the way you were before. You become shattered and depressed, maybe even wishing you had died.

That’s exactly what life bullies do. They are the gas explosions in our lives, the human roasters who leave us halfway done. They hurt us for the purpose of watching if we’re going to try to get back up and survive the damage they’ve caused or see if we’re just too chicken to. To see how much alive or dead our souls are.

They say fire burns, but people can burn like hell to. And it takes courage, confidence, faith, every possible spiritual tool it takes, as a healing balm to cool off the burns.

Hopefully, there’s a next time on the web series where I’ll be writing on the “Healing Balms” for the burns of Life Bullies.

I hope this has been worth the write and has touched you, even in the smallest way.

Until next time!

Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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