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Often times, a lot of people ask me what YANA means and I always answer with pride because, it is a message that encourages me a lot, most especially when I feel depressed.

I first heard this word on a radio station one Sunday Morning on my way to church with my parents. I really cannot remember what the lady was talking about (I think it was the news) but I would never forget the last statement she made as she brought her session to a close. She said; “I want to leave you with this, YANA, it means You Are Not Alone. Wow!!! I could not stop thinking about it the entire day. I wrote it down so that I will not forget and so far, it has become my tagline. I have it around my wrist almost all the time, a friend of mine got it printed on a shirt for me and I have it engraved in my heart; I Am Not Alone.

You may be wondering, what is so special about this? Well, just as you are wondering, someone else is already getting excited because He or She has just found Hope and a reason to believe. It is a message of Hope; You Are Never Alone.

A lot of us go through very difficult periods, many are presently in very difficult periods in their lives and to most of them they are isolated situations.

You feel no one understands what you are going through, no one has ever been through what you are going through this moment and this feeling makes it even more difficult to open up about what you are going through and worse, it makes you feel like you will never get out of it, depriving you of Hope and your Life.

Well, here is the truth; there are people, countless in number who have been where you are before and there are those who are presently where you are. You want to know something else? There are also some who have been in worse places and some who are in worse situations than you are in. That is not all, some of these people who have been where you are at the moment got through and out of it which means you can do the same. What you might be going through right now is not an isolated incident but one that a lot of people have been through and they overcame.

The truth is, some actually gave up and never got out of it but some also got out and became success stories. This is what you need to believe in order to overcome any challenge you are going through. If someone could overcome and get out of this situation, then I can; I just need to find out How?

We shall overcome

We shall overcome

We shall overcome, someday

Deep within my heart

I do believe

We shall overcome someday.

The sight of victory before its reality is the beginning of victory itself.

You Are Not Alone means two things:

  1. Someone has been where you are and got out.
  2. Someone is always with you no matter where you go and no matter what you face.

You are never alone when faced with trials and difficult times; there is someone that sticks closer than a brother who is always with you. He promised to be with you through the storms, through the fire, through the desert, He promised never to betray you rather, He will stick to you like a root is stuck to a tree. He will however not force Himself on you but if you accept Him, He will stick to you and wherever you go, He goes. He’ll help you through and make sure you come out as an overcomer. All you need to do today is to accept Him and receive Him.


You Are Never Alone.


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