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Sexual Purity By Shiloh

Sexual Purity By Shiloh

When we hear the term “sexual purity,” what comes to mind is the abstinence from sex. We fail to realize that sexual purity is much more than just abstaining from sex. It is about being Sexually Holy.

Most times, we think only virgins are the ones we refer to as being sexually pure. This is a wrong mind set because even some so called “virgins” can be “sexually impure,” while a teenage girl who already has a child out of wedlock can be sexually pure. I will explain

There is a huge difference between being sexually pure and being celibate/continent. Let us define celibate and continent.

  1. Celibate: an unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity.
  2. Celibate; continent: abstaining from sexual intercourse.
  3. Continent: Abstaining from sexual intercourse; exercising restraint upon the sexual appetite; esp., abstaining from illicit sexual intercourse; chaste.

Looking at this definitions we are able to see that it mainly refers to abstaining from sexual intercourse. So a virgin can be celibate yet he/ she still watches porn, masturbates and has dirty thoughts about the opposite sex. Such a person cannot be said to be sexually pure.

While there is a Teenage Mother/Father who is on a journey to rediscover his/her virginity.

Sexual purity is for all and it starts from the heart. When you start thinking of how the opposite sex looks without clothes on, you have to check such thoughts. The book of proverbs says, “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is“.

You can’t be on a journey of sexual purity, yet you hang out with friends who talk dirty all the time. Even after you have left the presence of such friends, the discussion replays in your head, therefore slipping into your subconscious and boom!! the seed has been sown. Soon the urge to do the things they’ve talked about becomes great.

To that disvirgined boy or girl who has decided to rediscover their virginity and remain sexually pure, God is proud of you, the world is proud of you, I am proud of you, the Rebuilders are proud of you and willing to walk you through every step and celebrate your success with you. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

To that virgin boy or girl who has remained celibate but sexually impure, now you know better. Sexual Purity is a journey and we are willing to go on it with you if you’d let us.

Now to that married man and woman who have had sex within the confines of their marriage, yet there are still sexually impurities in your lives (pornography, masturbation and even adultery). Sexual Purity can be yours too, and we are eager to see that happen.

What we all have to do is confess our sins, ask that we be washed with the precious blood of Jesus and begin this wonderful journey of sexual purity. Also remember to feed on God’s word daily. We can’t go on a long journey without food and this being a spiritual journey, physical food won’t keep us going.

We would love to hear your success stories (you can choose to be anonymous) and celebrate you.

You Are Never Alone


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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