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The Slay Queen

The Slay Queen

The Slay Queen

She is depressed

She is the girl with the bulging tummy after all

The girl with the fat arms

She is the girl with the flat chest

The girl with unshaped eyebrows

No, they would not let her sit with them

They would not even let her talk to them

“You are no slay queen” they say

“You don’t belong here” they spit out


But again, here is what she tells them

It is way more than what they see

She is so much more on the inside than what they could ever be

They might have got the implants but she makes the impact


Of course she is right

However, I remind her

What people see outside kind of matters too

Your composition should have a say in your presentation

Present yourself as thrash and they’ll treat you as such regardless of who you are inside

Dress good and classy

Yes, they get the compliments but girl you got the complements

So sweet lady

Enough of the pity party

Get out there and prove your worth

No one has got the right to talk you down

They do so ‘cos you keep your head down

They’re jealous ‘cos you’ve got what they don’t

So with your chin up and shoulders high

Act like you rule the world ‘cos one day, you will….


You Are Never Alone


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