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Teenage Blunder By Victoria

Teenage Blunder By Victoria


Bursting emotions, hike in feelings, burning passion. My innocent mind is manipulated by you. I try to put you out of my mind, but my efforts a total waste of time because, the farther I place you, the closer you seem. Funny and amazing as you are on every page of my book. Raging hormones puerile phantasm, aware of all, knowing that I should despise these thoughts for now but as much as I despise them, I cherish them. Silly me!

Now you should stop staring at my words thinking I’m all bad. Although, I know my carelessness led me thus far, it is only normal, these feelings show that I’m growing just fine. Getting all emotional, wanting to try out romance, then why can’t I do without the fear of anyone’s knowledge? Why do I feel bad when I’m found out? Why do I have mixed feelings of good and bad at these times?

Certainly, these feelings are as natural as nature. “Patience is terribly necessary”, mama said, you should look the other way now, focus on your books, carefully guard your heart and in no time, time will pass and the right time will come.

The sacred truth seems dangerously impossible. The necessary requirement self-control is a scarce quality. In this current age, where abstinence is made a traitor, exiled to a faraway land, “We can do better without it” we conclude. Social media, huge supporters of our resolution. The fad of dominating in all area gets us checking out these enticing pieces, bad friends make it a competition for the bold fools. Foolishly, we are lured into this competition and find ourselves thriving to win. A few wise ones try calling us to order “foolish weaklings” they are tagged; little do we know ……..

It is quite a different case for some others as they claim it is LOVE, but we fail to understand what LOVE is. It’s not a calculated, childish, foolish romance, it goes way beyond that. Of this truth, we are oblivious or rather ignorant. We are quick at pointing fingers. Unfortunately, we inhumanly blame it all on an innocent feeling, LOVE.

The master of all, curiosity drives us into silly acts. We want to know what it feels like and soon finds ourselves locking lips with the one who shares our feelings. Eventually, these conniving curious scales fall off as soon as the act’s been done.

Now stop staring like I’m acting all innocent, I’m being obedient to Mama’s strict advice at this time. Why bother trying out stupidity, take a peek at life, everyone who practiced abstinence is proud to have. I took a look at myself and I made a promise to save myself for the “perfect one” at a “perfect time”. It sure is no sin to be good. It’s your turn too.

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