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The Return Of The Survivors

The Return of The Survivors

Some years back, I saw the movie, “Soul Surfer” and the experience from watching this movie was amazing and is still with me till today. After this mind-blowing movie, I was inspired to write this piece; The Survivors:

They are Survivors

Born from the deadly claws of fate

Passed through life’s fiercest furnace

The result of earth’s romance with hell

They are life’s heroes

They are life’s victims

They are life’s contenders

And ultimately life’s testimonies

They are Survivors

They stand victorious

They live as conquerors

They defeat life at its own game

They are life’s music, everyone loves to hear them

Though battered from the contest

They have come out better

Though wounded, they also have wounded the very core of life’s norm

Call them veterans

They have seen it all

They made their home in the very heart of life’s cruelty

And made a living out of life’s hunt for blood

They are made from great storms, pain and hurt

They see life from a different perspective

Having passed through life-changing experiences

They learn to live just as they live to learn

They have lived through times and seasons

Time became their teacher

Seasons became their classes in the school of life

The scars are life’s way of certifying them

They see what others cannot see

They feel what others cannot feel

What counts to them is not just being counted

But that their lives eventually count

Giving up was never am option

Perseverance became part of their daily meal

No retreat, no surrender

This was their battle cry


This was the beginning of a series where we learn from the great survivors of our time and times before now. The aim was and is to lead us in finding hope no matter what we have faced or what we are going through and make us realise that someone somewhere at some time has been where we are at the moment.

At some point we stopped sharing these inspiring stories, however we are back from that break. And we will be bring to you amazing stories from young people who have seen the ugliest side to life but still came out on top.

So, just in case you are going through a period in your life that seems so impossible to overcome or there seems no way out of it, remember;

“We shall overcome

We shall overcome

We shall overcome someday

Oh deep in my heart, I do believe

We shall overcome someday.”

You Are Never Alone.



Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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