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Feeling Inferior? By Dorcas Adeyemo

Feeling Inferior? By Dorcas Adeyemo

I can’t do it successfully, she is so much better than I am and will ever be…feeling inferior? Having low self-esteem? Let’s do a test run quickly shall we? What does she have that makes her better that I don’t have?

  • Can I actually have these things?
  • What do I have that she doesn’t have?
  • Would I rather be her?

If your answer to the last question is affirmative then you are suffering from inferiority complex..

You are just as capable as achieving anything you set out to achieve as every other person is, the main problem is you, you have lost sight and sense of your true worth, often times the way people treat and view you is always a reflection of how you view and treat yourself.

If people look down on you it’s simply because you have allowed it, and the only reason you allowed it is because you think they are right to do so since it is what you also believe, hence you see no reason to correct them.

Never lose sight of your true worth. Train your eyes to see the good in you; train your mouth to speak positively about yourself; train your mind to visualize and aim after the bigger picture and train yourself to act on the visions of your mind.

You are capable of so much you have no idea, the difference between you and who you feel inferior to is simply his or her ability to fully maximize his or her strengths, train his or her hands and mind. Take on the new mind that is only interested in bringing out the very best of you.

Remember, the fullness and totality of God is in you, so you are inferior to no one. Continuing to see yourself as inferior is only going to bring you to a river of limitations, where everything will seem impossible to you. God sees you as perfect, pure, sanctified, excellent and so many other positives, so how can you see only the negatives? Put off the garment of inferiority, will you? and start being the best of you.

I want to introduce you to Someone who knows you better than anyone, understands you more than anyone. He sees your flaws and loves you just the same. His name is Jesus and He is calling you to Himself. He has promised never to leave you or forsake you. Accept Him today.

You Are Never Alone.


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